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When our graphic designers and interior designers bring their creative minds together on a project, the result is a fully integrated brand universe!
Gaby, graphic designer and Sylvie, architect, tell you how they developed a brand image for the cosmetic surgery clinic, Rebirth Clinic, which is fully reflected in the interiors.

What was Ardism's scope of work for this Rebirth Clinic?

Sylvie: Ardism had the mission to develop a brand new cosmetic surgery clinic, comprising of 6 consulting rooms and 2 operating theaters, within a 725 sqm area. We were free to develop the medical programming and at the same time to create a brand image that would attract celebrities as patients.

"Carte blanche" for the development of the visual identity! How did this benefit the project?

Gaby: Designing with a carte blanche is a true pleasure. We were as such able to give free rein to our imagination and to project ourselves into a strong brand universe: colors with soothing and noble symbolism, blue; a majestic symbol, the peacock; a meaningful name, Rebirth.

How has the collaboration between your two disciplines been fruitful?

Sylvie: For every interior design project, we always start by defining an appropriate and innovative concept. It can translate into an athmosphere that evokes strong feelings or into a story in which the users of this space are taken on a trip. And story-telling is certainly not unknown to graphic designers! For this project, we wanted to bring the patients of the clinic into an atmosphere that fully reflects the desired brand image. A collaboration between graphic and architects or interior designers makes it possible to conceptualize more than just an environment on which logos are applied afterhands. We actually create fully integrated brand universes!

The logo shows an outstretched peacock tail. Can you say more about its design?

Gaby: The peacock is used here for its majestic virtues and its symbolism: the fall and growing back of the feathers in spring can be interpreted as renewal, resurrection. Isn't that the perfect symbol for an aesthetic clinic? We have designed it using graphic, neat and simple lines to form half a sun. Again, the rebirth is evoked through the rise of a new day, the rise of the sun.

The logo can even be found on the armchair cushions! How did you combine the interior design with the image of renaissance, freshness and nobility that you wanted to infuse into this project?

Gaby: indeed, the logo is used as a pattern, for instance on the cushions of the waiting room, as it reinforces this strong and recognizable brand. The colors and the materials used nourish a feeling of coherence in this personal and congruent universe. The beauty of our collaboartion lies in a co-creation that reveals and takes each of our disciplines a step further.

rebirth clinic_material swatches.jpg

Sylvie: We work together to choose the right colors and materials. In branding, these are associated to strong symbolism, they play on emotions. In interiors they also contribute to the ambiance and the perception of the space. Other important selection criteria are of course also taken into account such as comfort, acoustics, durability, maintenance and perception of cleanliness. Finally, well-designed lighting highlights all the elements of our concept while creating an atmosphere where a feeling of calm, serenity and control reigns.


October 2020

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